Jazzy Jewish Star Story

I took my first metalsmithing class when I was twelve years old and completely fell in love with the entire jewelry making process. I minored in studio arts at Skidmore College, where my senior year I received the prize for metalsmithing. I even took graduate level metalsmithing classes while attending Syracuse University College of Law. During this time, while I created other works of art, my goal was to design a simple yet unique contemporary Magen David.

Finally, after years of sketching and failed attempts, I created the Jazzy Jewish Star Pendant. The name for this piece comes from my first customer: my law school professor. My professor gave the star to her daughter on her bat mitzvah day, and the star was quickly dubbed a "Jazzy" Jewish Star.

The Jazzy Jewish Star is available in sterling silver and in 14 karat gold. The pendant is around 7/8 inches (2.2 cm) long and weighs around 2.75 grams each. The pendant features a large (1/4 inch, 1/2 centimeter) bail.

I began Feingold Jewelry in April, 2006. Feingold Jewelry is a one woman production. I pride myself in creating beautiful jewelry, having great communication, and providing fast shipping. Other Feingold Jewelry pieces are found on my website, www.feingoldjewelry.com. And yes, I do practice law.

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