eBook: Copyright for Artists.

I wrote an eBook Copyright for Artists: Quick and Easy Copyright Protection to provide information to business people, artists, teachers, and students associated with the craft industry. You do not need any legal education to understand and use this book.

This eBook provides information on how protect your arts and crafts designs. More specifically, you will learn the differences between copyright, trademark, patent, contract, and trade secret protection. You will learn how to register your visual art with the U.S. Copyright Office. Visual art includes advertisements, drawings, paintings, jewelry, needlework, original prints, sewing patterns, posters, sculpture, and weaving designs.

This eBook defines your intellectual property legal rights, answers questions concerning intellectual property, provides preventative suggestions that are useful to protect the rights, and offers legal response suggestions if your rights are violated. This eBook does not constitute, or intend to be, legal advice.

The eBook Features:
- Over 30 pages of detailed easy-to-understand legal information.
- Basic copyright information.
- Information concerning trademark law, patent law, trade secret law, and contract law.
- Instructions concerning copyright registration for a work of visual art.
- Links to U.S. Copyright registration forms.
- Answers to frequently asked questions, inspired by Etsy forum threads.

eBook Highlights:
- Read page one of the Table of Contents.
- Read the first page of the eBook.
- Preview some answers to frequently asked questions.

"Sarah Feingold has transformed the thick legalize of copyright law into an easy to follow exposition tailored specifically to works created by artists."
~ Michael Neil J.

"I can't thank you enough for this information! While, I've done some research, this e-book is, by far, the clearest and most concise information regarding copryright law specific to artists."
~ Cammie C.

"So well written. I've read it cover to cover. Sarah spells everything out in a very clear manner. I feel so much better about following through with applying for a copyright. She sent the book super quick and is a total pleasure! Money well spent. Thanks!"
~ Dotty R.

"WONDERFUL! Very comprehensive and helpful. Helped me be sure I had covered all the bases with my copyright protection. Thanks so much for developing this ebook for Etsy sellers!"
~ Julie G.

"Hi Sarah! I just wanted to send a quick convo to thank you for the great book! It should be required reading for all Etsy shops! It answered SO many of the questions that I had about the basics of copyrighting. I have been designing and selling my jewelry for many years now and have always been hesitant about setting up a website. ... And last, I'd like to thank you especially for your words of encouragement about putting your art out for the world to enjoy. It reminded me of why I started making jewelry in the beginning...to enjoy creating!"
~ Alicia W.

"I heard about your book through an ETSY forum and think every artist should read this! Your book broke down an intimidating topic and process into easy to work with parts. I never thought IP would be so interesting."
~ Kevin C.

"Wonderful resource! I am so happy to have found Sarah and her phenomenal book on Etsy! Every artist on Etsy should purchase a copy of this! Thank you so much Sarah for putting this information into such a concise yet thorough book! I appreciate the work you are doing to help the rights of artists everywhere! I wish there were more lawyers like you in the world! :-)"
~ Laura C.

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Copyright for Artists is designed to aid and educate entrepreneurs and artists about their copyright rights. The eBook is based on United States law. Nothing contained within this website or Copyright for Artists constitutes or intends to be legal advice. The author disclaims all responsibility for any and all losses, damages, or causes of action that may arise or be connected with the use of these materials. Consult a licensed attorney for information and advice concerning specific questions.

Please respect copyright law and refrain from duplicating or otherwise forwarding on the eBook without the express permission of the author. Do you have any question about the ebook? Contact Sarah at attorneysarah [at] gmail [dot] com.

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